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Friday, July 20, 2007

Fire Breathing Cyclist

I had made a cycling design which was quite popular (see blog archive "bicyclist), however the "cruiser" style bike and the cat in the basket did not suit the more hardened cyclist. Rather than the image of leisure that the other design conveys, I started playing with the idea of a character that was more focussed on the sport of mountain biking and the devil-may-care attitude that goes along with it. I didn't plan on making a fire-breathing character; that came out of the act of drawing, as is often the case. As I was working, I was thinking about sport cliches, like "inner fire" and "feel the burn" and this is what evolved. I am a lover of bikes and have collected an odd assortment of bikes and parts over the years and I'm sure this is a subject I will revisit.

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