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Saturday, July 14, 2007


This was one of my first t-shirt designs and is still one of my favorites. The figure itself is quite weird looking to me even now, but it captures movement and that late summerday feeling when the sun is so bright that everything is in silhouette and partially obscured. I really enjoy watching people discover this design; it unfolds like a story. First they see the bike, then the dog and then they laugh when they see the cat in the basket. Is the dog chasing the cat? the bike?, or is it just following along? Everybody brings their own narrative and I often get to hear their cycling stories, which I love. I have a real affinity for this design because for most of my life the bike has been my main means of transport and I have carried everything, from lumber to my market display to my kids by bike. I own a car now, but for me, my bicycle is the great escape from the world of cars. I believe it is still the best, most efficient and healthiest invention in the world of transportation. Convince me otherwise.

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