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Friday, July 13, 2007

Circle Dancers

The idea for this design was inspired by Matisse, however it is a universal image. After I made it, a lot of people called it "circle of friends" and associated it with the Mexican sculpture of people standing in a circle. I think you were supposed to light a candle in the centre of the circle. Matisse's painting seems to me more reverent or perhaps tribal and the negative space inside the circle almost appears as a skewed heart. Mine looks more like five people doing a community "snoopy" dance. It's a happy image that evokes friendship and celebration. One woman in the By Ward Market in Ottawa thought it was a potato and someone else thought it was a crab. That's art for ya!
This tank top with the
Circle Dancers is modelled
by my friend and renaissance
man Bruce, the motorcyclin',
guitar pickin', harmonica blowin',
photograph takin' chiropractor
and member of the world's coolest
family. Shot on location in
1998 on the beautiful
Southern tip of St. John, USVI.
Thanks Bruce!

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

What a handsome man in that handsome T. Glad I married him. And we are by faarrrrrr not the coolest family around. I have friends (2 adults, 4 kids aged 4-13) who are heading south in their rusty Montana van in September. How far south? Tierra del Fuego by spring of '08. How cool is that?!

Excellent blog Tim! Almost takes the place of not seeing you this year. Almost, but not quite.