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Saturday, July 14, 2007


Over the years we have sold at many folk festivals and hand drumming has been a big part of them. The first time I really experienced the power of hand drumming was years ago at a workshop at the Blue Skies festival near Perth, ON. With all those people drumming in unison, you really feel the beat in your soul. This image came out of that experience and also from meeting a lot of groovy people who hauled out thier djembes every summer and carried them from place to place during the festival season. People usually call this "the crazy drummer guy". The design seems to appeal not just to drummers, but to anyone who likes to cut loose once in a while. I did the original of this as a guache painting. It was unintentional, but the two small eyes are sometimes seen as one cyclops eye. Once you notice this it is hard to see it any other way. Even though I created this image, I was surprised when it was first pointed out to me. I look at this as a "happy accident" that adds to its appeal.

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Anonymous said...

This one is my favourite! I love it!