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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Thinking about Banjos

Ever since the Folkfestival I've been thinking about banjos. I bought the Old Man Luedecke CD Hinterland after hearing him play on the main stage while I was packing up on the first night and it has been playing in my car ever since. When the boys are belted into their car seats in the back I keep the sound low, but in those rare moments when I'm alone I crank the volume and it's like Old Man Luedecke is tucked into one of those car seats behind me, stomping his foot and wailing on the banjo. The banjo is one of those much maligned instruments, but it's hard to argue with its ability to get the heart pounding and the foot stomping. t. hunt 2007 Karen has a prose poem that I love called Agnes published in LOS poetry journal in 1989. It tells of a man getting on the city bus and demonstrating the proper way to pick on an imaginary banjo. Before it's over you can feel the banjo in your hands and hear its happy sounds.

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