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Monday, August 20, 2007

Ottawa Folkfest 2007

This was the scene at the Folkfest friday night. Both thursday and friday we were hampered by high winds coming off the river. Some of the tents in the Artisan area blew over and the line-up of patrons was held up for almost two hours because of safety concerns.
The artisan area was re-located this year and I have to say it was not to our advantage. We had a lot of talk amongst ourselves and a meeting with the artistic director and site operations manager who were very receptive, however we were the guinea pigs this year.
That said, the Ottawa folkfest was where Karen and I launched Mobius t-shirts many years ago, so we have a lot of sentimental feelings about it. It is a place where like-minded, music loving folk come together, where customers become friends.
Thanks to Superfriends Chris and Noel who besides their warm company bring us gourmet food and good coffee in a picnic basket with cloth napkins. Chris wanted to pay me for a t-shirt when I reminded her that she was giving us a piano, so...I think we're even?
I always enjoy visiting with hockey friends Bernard and Majda(sp?), Liam and Monica. Our wacky friend Annie, former neighbour, actor, writer, dancer etc., was performing spontaineous dance at various points throughout the festival grounds. Artist friend Martina and her daughter came by sharing stories and laughter. Great to reconnect with Maureen after all these years. Thanks to Mark and Karen who come back year after year to buy new t-shirts and replace the old ones, also to Robert and his wife.
Thanks to so many, whose names I don't know, but who stop in again and again to buy something, or even just to say hi, or ask how old our kids are now or if we need anything. These are the things we remember most about this festival.
Thanks everyone!

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