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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Craft Shows

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Some day I'll sit down and count the number of craft shows, markets, fairs, trade shows and folk festivals we've sold at since 1989. We've been to school fairs, Legions, city halls, barns, malls, conservation areas, fields, hockey rinks, convention centres and museums. We have been set up in sun, rain, snow, sleet, hail and mud up to our ankles.

When it's not busy at a festival, vendors come together to cogitate on reasons for poor sales. The weather can be either too bad or too good. Everyone is on holidays or at some sporting event. Not enough publicity, etc., etc., etc.

I was trading stories with another vendor at the folk festival this weekend and I recalled the year we sold at the Virgil Stampede. It was pretty much what you'd expect from a small town stampede, but how a craft show ended up being part of the event I'll never know. The highlite for me (this was before the year 2000) was meeting the ageing Elvis Impersonator Elvis now,as he would be in the new Millennium. He even had this painted on the side of his mini-van in gold letters. I helped the sweaty King carry his monitor to the stage and he of course said Thankye v'ry much.

I made this comic/collage, pre 2000. It might be amusing only to other artisans, or maybe just to me. I'm a real luddite, so this is written in the SNL school of sci-fi.

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