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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Illustration Friday: Save

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This was a bit challenging to photograph. There is a reflector on the Colonel's head, which caught the flash and I also had difficulty with shadows. I put in a detail of the text below.
My personal challenge for this week was to make something from items I've been saving for "projects". I decided instead to pick things up on a walk downtown and try to make something from the objects I found. Below are the items I picked up on a 40 minute walk . There was a lot to choose from because the melting snow was revealing layers of detritus that had accumulated over the winter. The Colonel Sander's story evolved as I was arranging the pieces on the table. I didn't use everything, and the marble and key were things I already had. I like working this way because the materials really take over and suggest the direction of the piece.


redcatdance said...

Tim! OMG this is so wonderful and full of stuff. It's great you found all of that under the retreating snow. All that's around here is dog poo. Ick! But I digress. My favorite part is the pencil. It's like the Colonel's ewriting his own story or the narrator is going to make revisions at amy time. D.I.Y bigtime. You're on a roll my friend... a great big roll! Fantastic.

andi butler said...

how tremendously creative!! this is wonderful and clever!

a : )

sandy said...

wow, you win, yours is the best!
good stuff!! :)

Shani said...

How original and very well done, bravo!

lisa said...

oh tim, what a terrific piece of art! i love the story and how you executed that part to look as if it was also a "find!"


rebecca woodward said...

You're a wizard! How in the world can anyone come up with such an awesome piece with "on a walk junk" and a teency bit of time? Well, YOU pulled it off.

WorkingWords100 said...

Tim, I just had to peek! I haven't done my IF yet.

Great. I like how you saved material and are using that definition for your works.

English is such a weird language in that one word can have so many meanings.

But, words like this help to keep the brain matter moving and coming up with original designs.

Very cool.

You should consider doing a graphic novel! I wish that I knew an agent or publisher.

FRAN said...

Great work...unusual...nice!

Elizabeth Parsons said...

very very creative. Love it!